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Chances are, you already have a website that promotes your service or product. What many fail to realize is that your user interface IS one of your products. So just having one isn’t enough. It needs to be just as good, if not better, as what you are offering your visitors. Newer England understands the importance of building and maintaining a great product. Through simplicity, informativity, intuitiveness and entertainment we combine your quality product or service with the newest technology.

People want to be fully informed in a short amount of time and to complete their tasks efficiently. By having a great user interface, they will be able to do just that. The information below shows our processes and what we use to give you and your customers the most effective interface possible.

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Our Process


  • Requirements Gathering
  • Wireframes
  • Static Concepts
  • Interactive Responsive Designs
  • Usability Testing

Principles to an Effective Interface


Make your users feel comfortable and efficient, by enabling them to get done with their tasks quickly.


Implement colors and textures appropriately to give your users the experience they desire.


We get to know your users and learn what they want in order to give them fast results.


By avoiding unnecessary details, in wording and images, it keeps the user from getting distracted.

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